New Ends

by Firstborn

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released April 16, 2013

Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Billingslea at Lion's Maine Productions in Waterboro, Maine



all rights reserved


Firstborn Poland, Maine

We are a hardcore band out of Poland, Maine.

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Track Name: Stalemate
I guess its time to wake up!
And make room for ambition!
You've been nothing for way too long; nothing!
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Are you ready to suffer the consequences?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
You are nothing to me; nothing.
Track Name: New Ends
I have been finding myself in the worst of ways,
I'm continuously lacking and never really profound.
What am I good for? For what good?
I'm marching within the millions.
What direction lies ahead?
In what direction do we head?
We are lost. We are all fucking lost.
We are all fucking lost!
I've been finding myself in the worst of ways.
I'm continuously listening but never hearing the sound
Of our cries, and all their golden lies.
The American dream is what it seems.
We all work hard and get robbed in our sleep.
We are fucking nothing.
We are all just dreaming.
Fuck what they have, we'll take what we need!
We will conquer, we will rebuild, we will succeed!
Or am I just dreaming...
Track Name: Damaging
Too much do I live in the past.
What I could be, never would last
The farther I progress,
the more I face regret.
I can't live without you
Your face still haunts my dreams.
I cant figure out what this means.
Ill never find closure, the closer and closer,
To the present I come back to.
And I realize how much I miss you
I hate myself for this.
Overcoming the world has never been such a challenge
We all feel the same.
We will never escape.
Track Name: Blacklisted
I've given up on love for this world
The malicious won against the true
For the balance of all
From winter to the fall
I begin every season, searching for the reasons

Oh please don't dismiss yourselves
You got issues like everyone else!
You all say you want the world to change but you just sit on your ass and just fucking complain.

Why has it all gone wrong?
And where's our strength when we must be strong?
We must have missed our hand up
We never showed what we were made of.

Oh please don't humble yourselves
You think you're better than everyone else
We all say we got the answers and praise
But we ignore out neighbors and continue our ways.

Insomnia leaves me feeling weak
Moving forward without any sleep
But when I close my eyes with ease
I know when I am dead..
I will finally be at peace.

You cowards. Your time will come
Your intentions, ill exposé to everyone
You are all so predictable!